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Director's welcoming message

Dear candidate,

I welcome you to our Master’s programme.

The programme was designed to provide its graduates with the appropriate specialized knowledge and efficient tools in order to gain a comparative advantage in the job market.

The economic and business strategy is of utmost importance for the structure, the organization and the operation of firms in a competitive and ever changing globalized environment. Firms have to set strategic goals and decide upon the means they are going to use to achieve them.

The programme is unique in Greece and the success of its graduates since 2006, makes it one of the best choices for those who have inquiring minds and creative spirits. The programme combines the economic theory on the one hand, with specific case studies presented by real market executives on the other. Specifically, the programme's core direction of Economic and Business Strategy is supported by Financial Analysis and Management of Financial Resources, Economic Analysis of the Global Environment and Strategic Investment Decisions, Risk Management, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Logistics. Our graduates hold executive positions in known enterprises like Alpha Bank, Eurobank, National Bank of Greece, Pireaus Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Pricewaterhouse, Thornton, ΟΤΕ, Wind, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Bioiatriki, Plaisio, etc.

The success of the programme and its close relation to the job market are renowned and received special recognition recently by the Comission of External Evaluation of H.Q.A.A..

If you are ambitious and enjoy taking on challenging goals we invite you to apply to a programme which is widely recognised in our country for setting high scientific and practical standards.

Prof. Demetrius Yannelis,
Director of Graduate Programme.

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