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Winter 2018: Visit to Vitra, Strasbourg and Heidelberg
October 2016: Award certifications for Winera ERP program from DC
Excellence 2016: Award for distinguished students
June 2016 : Seminar at Hinitsa Hotel
Spring 2016: Visit at SKODA factory in Prague installations
Award ceremony 2015 of distinguished students from Wind and Data Communication.
Spring 2014: Visit at the Europese Commissie in Brussels
Janary 2014: Dr. Elias Lekkos, Piraeus Bank conference talk on:
«Shadow Banking System»
December 2013: Nikos Vlachopoulos, Consumer Director - Vodafone Greece,conference talk on:
«Effective value positioning and usage stimulation: "The case of Vodafone Greece"»
October 2013: Mr. Demetrius Psyllakis, Director of Mercedes-Benz Brazil,conference talk on:
«Car Business in Brazil: Chance or Threat?»
June 2013: Three-day conference at Hinitsa, Argolis on:
  • Product versus process innovation.
  • Competition between a dominant innovator and ageneric fringe.
  • Pricing and product offerings when quality is a “status good.”
  • Pricing and choice product quality when quality is a “status good.”
  • Pricing in competitive markets with products of different quality.
Spring 2013: Visit at the BMW factory in Munich
Winter 2013: Visit at the Airbus factory in Toulouse
December 2012: Visit at the «KORRES» production plant.
November 2012: Dr. Elias Lekkos, Piraeus Bank, Head of Research conference talk on
«The effects of the financial crisis in the Greek banking system.»
June 2012: Three-day conference at Hinitsa, Argolis on:
  • Introduction to Valuation Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Relative (Market-Based) Valuation
  • Private Firm Valuation
Spring 2012: Visit at the Mercedes production plant in Stuttgart


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